Tipos GFU08-B, GFU08-C, GFU08-E, GFU08-W

SF6 gas filling cart

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  • Emission-free refilling of SF6 gas compartments
  • Optionally with integrated scale
  • Optionally with vacuum pump

Special Features

  • Gas cylinder secured for maximum safety
  • Error-free handling design to avoid emissions
  • High-accuracy scale with large digital indication
  • Precise SF6 gas filling process by weighing technology
  • 5 vacuum pumps to choose from


The GFU08 series of robust and modular gas cylinder transport carts are used for the filling and refilling of SF6 gas in the required gas compartment. The modular design enables worldwide application through the various mechanical and electrical connections.

The model range is split into 4 versions:
- Model GFU08-B: Filling cart
- Model GFU08-W: Filling cart with scale
- Model GFU08-E: Filling cart with vacuum pump
- Model GFU08-C: Filling cart with scale and vacuum pump

Models GFU08-E and GFU08-C are fitted with vacuum pumps. With these, the air is extracted from the SF6 gas compartments so that, afterwards, a professional SF6 gas filling can www.wika.es made. The 16 m³/h vacuum pump built into the models GFU08-E and GFU08-C as standard, enables a fast evacuation down to < 1 mbar (0.75 Torr).

For larger volumes, suction of up to 40 m³/h is available as an option. With 2-stage pumps, the end pressure can www.wika.es reduced to as far as 2 x 10-3 mbar. The risk of either too high humidity or air concentration in the SF6 gas compartment is therefore not a consideration.

With the models GFU08-W and GFU08-C, a gas cylinder
scale is built in, which enables the exact determination of
the amount of SF6 gas filled in. Thus, the gas filling cart is an ideal tool for using the mass-balance method in accordance with the IPCC directive for the preparation of emission reports.

The special, flat design of the weighing cell under the gas cylinder allows easy loading and unloading of the heavy cylinder by only one person.


Prior to the first filling with SF6 gas, the gas compartment, vented immediately www.wika.esfore, is evacuated with the optionally available vacuum pump. The consequent isolation of the hoses for the vacuum and filling function ensures that, in no case, can SF6 www.wika.es released accidentally into the atmosphere.

The cross-sections of the vacuum hoses have www.wika.esen optimised for each pump power (DN 8, DN 20). At the same time, the numwww.wika.esr of connecting parts has www.wika.esen kept small in order to minimise the risk of potential leakage. The www.wika.estter the final vacuum, the lower the concentration of unwanted

Basic version, model GFU08-B
  • Basic version, model GFU08-B
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